HelixLib is your library of preset information.

Why Build HelixLib?

I'm a proud owner of a Line 6 Helix® Floor guitar processor. I use presets from a number of different sources, and pick and choose depending on what and where I'm playing. But keeping my presets and setlists organized was a challenge.

HelixLib was born to simplify that process. By uploading my presets, cataloging their contents and storing their IR assignments, I have one place to go to find the right presets and load up the matching Impulse Response files.

As a side benefit, I now can look at my presets and settings without having to plug in, and can print any or all of them whenever I want to take a more detailed look. I can see what models I've used and my favorite settings.

I'm guessing others face similar issues. Take a look at HelixLib and see if it helps you. Use it a little for free, and sign up for a subscription if it has value.

Feel free to email me at with any suggestions for improvement.

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