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Dynamics: LA Studio Comp Pitch/Synth: Pitch Wham Amp: Soup Pro EQ: Simple EQ Pitch/Synth: Twin Harmony IR: IR 1024 Volume/Pan: Volume Distortion: Compulsive Drive IR: IR 1024 Volume/Pan: Volume Cab: 1x12 Field Coil Modulation: Chorus Delay: Simple Delay EQ: Simple EQ Delay: Simple Delay Distortion: Compulsive Drive Reverb: Chamber Filter: Mutant Filter IR: IR 1024 Delay: Ducked Delay Amp: Jazz Rivet 120 Delay: Ducked Delay Cab: 2x12 Jazz Rivet Filter: Mutant Filter
07/04/19 03:46PM
07/05/19 12:06PM
Snapshots 8
Impulse Responses 1
Tags 0
Versions 1
See Your Presets
HelixLib Presets helps you understand the content and complexity of your presets with a visual representation of the blocks and model categories used for each preset. A simple mouseover lets you see the model used in any of the blocks. You can also see the snapshots, impulse response assignments, and keywords you’ve assigned. All without leaving your preset list!

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Compare Your Presets
HelixLib lets you maintain versions of your presets as well. So you can always go back to see what the preset looked like before and after you’ve made changes. HelixLib Analytics will even compare versions and tell you what’s changed.

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