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Presets and Versions

Use versions to keep track of preset changes

Posted by HelixLib on 8/26/2019 5:33:12 PM

Your presets get better with time. A little tweak here, a new setting there - you continue to improve the sound of that preset until you get it dialed in just right. HelixLib helps you keep track of the changes you make by allowing you to save different versions of the same preset.

HelixLib uses your preset filename and the modified date that’s stored in your preset file to determine whether your preset is a new preset to HelixLib, a new version of an existing preset, or a duplicate of a preset already stored in HelixLib.

FileNameModified DateResult
New-New preset
SameDifferentNew version of existing preset

HelixLib will always show you the latest version saved unless you ask for a specific verison. HelixLib uses sequential numbers for each preset you upload and each version of the preset. For example, PRESET 0123.002 is the second version of the 123rd preset you've stored in HelixLib.

Tags are kept at the Preset level, so you do not need to re-enter tags when uploading a new version of an existing preset. Any tags you do enter will be added to the existing tags for that preset.

Impulse response assignments can and often do change between versions, so they are kept at the Version level. HelixLib makes it easy for you to assign impulse response across versions with a "Quick Pick" feature that shows you the IRs assigned by any of the versions for that preset.