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Who Can See My Presets?

HelixLib does not share your data

Posted by HelixLib on 2/7/2020 6:00:00 PM

HelixLib does not share your preset information and does not and will not give away or sell your presets or any other information created by you during your use of HelixLib.

When uploading your presets, HelixLib does not keep your preset as a separate file, but simply loads the data within the file into HelixLib data stores. HelixLib does not retain your preset file, only the data within. Therefore, we can not recover or rebuild your preset file (other than using the settings to create it from scratch).

We may occasionally include your data in summary level information that's presented on HelixLib. For example, on the Analytics page, the "Most Used Models By Category" data summarizes data from every preset loaded into HelixLib.

Your email address and password are used to protect the data within your presets. Please use complex passwords to help protect your information and do not share your password.