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Loading Preset Packages

Best practices for loading preset packages

Posted by HelixLib on 8/26/2019 5:34:15 PM

You've just got the latest preset package from your favorite provider, and can't wait to get them uploaded into HelixLib to make your impulse response assignments. But what are the best steps to follow? By setting up the impulse response files first, you can make the assignment process much simpler.

Here's a suggested process to follow when uploading presets from a preset package that uses impulse response files:

  1. Add impulse response files to HelixLib's master list
    HelixLib stores the descriptive name for all impulse response files available for assignment. If your preset package has impulse response files from a manufacturer not in HelixLib, or custom files from the package provider, you can add them to the IR List by navigating to IRs/Add IRs. Don't forget you can use semi-colons in the Cabinet/Speaker and Microphone/Position fields to generate multiple IR entries in a single update.
  2. Create an IR List
    Preset packages often come with a list that specifies what indexes are used and what impulse response files are assigned to each index. You can make the impulse response assignment process much simplier by creating an IR List that stores these assignments by navigating to IRs/Manage IR Lists. Enter a new list name (I like to use an abbreviated version of the preset package provider and package name) and add the index and IR assignments to the list.
  3. Import Presets
    Finally, it's time to upload your presets at Presets/View Presets. Click on the Upload Presets button, browse to the folder on your computer where you've stored the presets from the preset package, and select all of the presets in the preset package. Optionally, you can store the folder name in the File Location field, and enter tags to be applied to all of the selected presets. Here again, I like to add a tag using an abbreviated version of the preset package provider and package name so that I can quickly filter my preset list to see all presets from this package. Remember to use a comma or tab to end and separate the tags.
  4. Assign IRs using IR List
    Probably the least fun but most important step in the process is assigning IRs at IRs/Assign IRs. But here's where your hard work in steps 1 and 2 pays off. If you're up to date on your IR assignments, the Assign IRs list will contain only those presets you've just added. Click on the Preset number to navigate to the IR Assignment page, and select the IR List you created in Step 2 from the <Use IR List> drop down. Scroll down the page, clicking on the impulse response names on the right side of the page to make the assignments as you go.

Congratulations! You've now successfully uploaded your preset package. Now it's time to head over to Analytics and get some insight on what models and settings were used in the package.