IR Assignments

Keep track of which IRs are required for your presets.
Impulse response assignments

Viewing Impulse Response Assignments

Viewing a report of your impulse response assignments is a logical next step. But HelixLib gives you the ability to do much more. The default report sorted by IR Index will show you where you have different impulse responses assigned to the same IR Index, and where you have additional assignments to make. This report is also helpful if you're trying to find an open IR Index that you haven't used before.

Enter all or part of the impulse response name into the "Filter" box and click on the "Apply" button. Now you can see what IR Index you've most often used for that impulse response, and where you've used different IR Index values for the same impulse response. To see a specific IR Index, enter that into the "Filter" box and click "Apply". You can also pick a Tag from the dropdown list to limit the display to only presets with that tag value.