Presets Looking For IRs

Presets are lonely until you assign them their Impulse Responses.
Assigning impulse responses

Making Impulse Response Assignments

Presets do not contain information about what impulse responses are used. They only store the index that the impulse response occupied at the time the preset was saved. Instead of managing separate impulse response assignment lists, HelixLib makes it easy to keep track of what impulse responses are needed for each preset.

HelixLib displays a list of all imported presets that need impulse responses assigned. By drilling down to the individual preset, you can view the slots specified in the impulse response blocks and select the appropriate impulse response to assign to each.

If you've taken the time to build one or more impulse response lists, any lists that include the same index are displayed to allow you to quickly make the assignment. This simplifies the assignment process, especially in cases where you've purchased a set of presets and they've provided a separate list of slots used and impulse response assignments.