Link IRs to Waveforms

Link waveform numbers from your presets to HelixLib impulse responses to simplify assigning IRs to your presets.
Impulse response table

Impulse Response Waveform Assignment

As of firmware release 2.90, preset files include "reference signatures" (also known as waveform numbers) for all impulse responses loaded into the Helix IR library at the time the preset was saved. Any IR blocks used in your preset also store the waveform number. Helix no longer requires that the impulse response file be loaded in the same location as it was when the preset was saved, only that the impulse response file be loaded in the current Helix IR library.

However, Helix still can't tell you what IR to look for in cases where the matching IR is not found in the IR library. By linking the waveform number to the matching IR, you can use HelixLib to make that connection for you. And IRs will automatically get assigned for any presets you load that have waveform numbers that you've already linked.